This is the website for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) Test Program Environmental Assessment/Overseas Environmental Assessment (EA/OEA). The final documents pertaining to the GBSD Test Program EA/OEA can be found in the Documents section. Public comments on the Draft Document of Environmental Protection (DEP) will be accepted from April 26, 2022 to June 15, 2022 and can be provided in either of the following ways:

(1) The Comments section

(2) E‑mail comments by June 15, 2022 to using the blank comment matrix

(3) Mail comments, postmarked no later than June 15, 2022, to: USASMDC, ATTN: SMDC-EN (D. Hasley), P.O. Box 1500, Huntsville, AL 35807

POINT OF CONTACT: The point of contact for questions, issues, and information relevant to the GBSD Test EA/OEA is Mr. Robert N. Knight, AFNWC/NXDX, 7840 Alabama Drive, Bldg. 2728, Hill AFB, Utah 84056. Mr. Knight can also be reached by calling (801) 360-3516, or by e-mail at

Thank you for your time.